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Certified Horsemanship Association 50th Annual Internation Conference.

Have you heard of the CHA? The Certified Horsemanship International Conference.
They are the major instructor certification organization in the US and in Canada.

Their programs are developed to and for horse people to develop instructors, teachers, horse facility owners and for horse owners to ensure that they can get the best instructor and a certified instructor for themselves, their children, students and clients.

Here is the CHA CEO Christy Landwehr talking about marketing.
A great venue, and attending the conference is a great way to develop your teaching skills, and continue to network with other like minded people.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

My part at the CHA International Conference is to deliver a session on Top Tips Judges Expect to See in Your Students Hunter Classes.

I’ll update tomorrow with how it goes.

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What the Judge Is Looking For, Nail the First Fence

how to win a hunter round, what the judge is looking for, winning hunter class

“Nail” the First Fence

What makes a winning hunter round?

A winning hunter round is more than a beautiful jump and excellent movement. You have to “nail” each fence, that’s what the judge is looking for. Getting to the first fence correctly, in a positive, confident manner, sets the tone for the rest of the course.  A sloppy tentative ride to the first fence leaves the horse with no confidence which will show throughout the rest of the hunter round.

On the other hand an aggressive, elbow flapping approach can also leave an impression on the judge. The approach to your first fence should show a horse that has confidence, ability and class to carry out the job. The judge should be thinking, “I’d like to ride this horse”.

If your pace needs some minor adjustments, make them in an discrete diplomatic fashion. While you are on course, you should be giving the impression that your round is smooth and rhythmic, sudden changes, pulling, kicking, big body movements will be noticeable and detract from the overall flow of your round.

Getting to the first fence.  How do you make a good impression?
Leave your comments here!



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Reasons you don’t win at your next horse show

A friendly reminder when you attend your horse show. Sometimes it is apparent why you haven’t won a ribbon. But sometimes we forget why. It could be the small things that separate you from the competition or sometimes it may be the usual reasons.
Why do you think you haven’t placed when other people have. Please comment below.

When competing at a horse show there may be so many horses and riders that only the top few horses make the cut. This means that ANY, and I mean ANY quirk, tail swish or ear twitch may knock you out of the placings (I’m exaggerating BTW) but there have been classes where the first place horse will get a score of 90 and the 6th place horse with a score of 80 so if your horse has a late change, bobble or hiccup you could be out of the placings. At these shows EVERYTHING counts.

At regional shows, local shows and training shows the ear twitches and tail swishes are less likely to cause you a lost placing and it is more likely that a refusal, dropped rail or cross canter which will knock you out of the placings. Either way it is good to be reminded what the judge is looking for.


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Entering the Horse Show Ring – Make it Count

Laura Kelland-May, Thistle Ridge Equestrian, Horse show expert, What the judge is looking for

Your First Impression, Make it Count



Start with a Good Impression When Entering the Hunter Show Ring

Starting with a good first impression makes the judge sit up and take notice. You have to however, follow it up with an equally good performance. Looking the part is only half of the equation, you have to perform the part as well.

I think back to one show I was judging where a competitor came in the hunter ring, looking beautiful, horse immaculate and turn out simply impeccable. I sat up and took notice. This might be my winner, I thought. Well 2 rails and 2 refusals later it appeared she looked the part but the look didn’t match the performance.

Having a good first impression is important, but it is more than just your turn out, your clean horse, and your spiffy clothing that will prove that you belong. It is your performance which will place you up at the top of the winners circle.
How do you get there? It isn’t magic, and it isn’t who you know – no matter what people think – it is your performance.

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