Top 3 Equitation Tips – From a Senior Judge

As a Senior Judge I watch a lot of equitation rounds. You will find these top 3 equitation tips will get you noticed in the Equitation class.


Summary is this:

  1. Keep your leg locked on with the heel pressed down.
  2. Eyes up looking to the next fence.
  3. Keep your back flat.

These sound like simple things, and they are, but do these on a consistent basis and make them a part of your regular riding routine is important.

How do you improve your heels? Looking up? and keeping your back flat? I’d love to know.

Stay tuned for more equitation tips and exercises on how to improve these three things.


About Laura

Laura Kelland-May is the founder of Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Development Program. She more than trains horses, she trains people to train their horses. In addition she is a Sr. Judge and can offer insight into What the Judge Is Looking For. Follow her here and get more tips.
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