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The Truth About Horse Keeping

Have you thought it may be really nice to keep your horses at home. In your own back yard? Well let me tell you, I have been doing this for a life time and most days it is great and … Continue reading

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Horse Training, Do Bitless Bridles Fit Into Your Training Regime

Are Bitless Bridles Less Severe? Bitless bridles can be just as severe and distribute punishment just as easily as a bit. Most people employ a bitless bridle to circumvent any problems such as head tossing, hard mouth, running, pulling, tongue … Continue reading

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What the Judge is Looking For at a Horse Show and Horse Show “NO-NO”s

As a Senior Judge I have seen my share of Horse Show No-no’s. Concentrate on What the judge is looking for and show your horse! Have I missed anything? What are some things you think are horse Show No-No’s?

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Top 3 Accounting Tips For Horse Owners

You can use this simple accounting tips for horse owners to exactly determine how much money your horse is costing your -or- how much money is required to have a horse. Continue reading

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