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Horse Riding – What the Judge is Looking For (NOT!)

As a horse show judge I travel around and see many different levels of horse riding at horse shows. Some are smooth operators with new gear and pressed jackets. Some, on the other hand, are recreational riders who want to bring their horse for a day out. If you have no coach, trainer or knowledgeable horse person to help you with your horse riding and showing please take a few tips from this post. Continue reading

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Horse Training Tips -Top Three Must Haves for Horse Training

If you overwhelm your horse it may cause your horse training to back fire and slip. Having these three simple things will make your horse trianing go smoothly. When a horse trainer uses too many aids at the same time or gives unclear direction the horse becomes unclear on what to do. Doing them harder or more doesn’t make them understand the aids more. Continue reading

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Horse Training, Do You Do This When Horse Training?

Dangerous behaviour is not uncommon when horse training so why are so many horses sent to horse trainers because they buck or kick? Continue reading

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Horse Training, Reward Your Horse For Trying

When you are horse training, reward your horse for trying. This does not necessisarily mean give the horse a bag of carrots for doing the least little thing. Horse training can be made more fun for the horse by offering a simple ‘good boy’, or a pat/stroke on the neck. Learn these simple tips to help you with your horse training. Continue reading

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