Horse Riding – What the Judge is Looking For (NOT!)

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Your Attire Should Be Appropriate for the Level Of Show

Have the Proper Equipment When Horse Riding or Showing

When horse riding and showing first impressions are important and looking the part is half the battle. You do not need to have new saddle, bridle or clothing, just make sure what you are wearing is clean and in good repair. Having clean attire puts you, the horse rider, in a good frame of mind which in turn will reflect your horse riding performance.

Tack and Equipment While Horse Riding and Showing

If you are showing in the hunter ring, have the correct equipment fitted properly. Check your rules for proper equimpent and have your bridle adjusted correctly.

One thing I notice (in a bad way) is the extra  strap of the noseband flopping below the horse’s chin. although it may seem like a minor thing. If I notice it, it means I am not looking at your horse’s performance and your horse riding or equitation; but rather – at the strap flapping beneath the horse’s chin.

Have the strap tucked into the runner and keeper and if it is still too long, put an elastic around the nose-band and use the elastic to hold the strap in place. If it is extremely long, cut it off.

Appropriate Clothing While Horse Riding and Showing

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Wear Appropriate Clothing

The clothing and equipment you use when horse riding and showing will be dependant on the level of show. Shows with significant prize money will require a different financial commitment then local fun or schooling shows.

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Where appropriate Clothing When Horse Showing

Check with show organizers and horse riding regulating bodies to ensure your helmet, boots and horse show jacket meet the requirements of the horse show. Some horse shows allow half chaps while others require full boots, breeches and paddock boots. Some divisions require riders to have dress boots for showing and some other require field boots.


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