Dressage Saddle or General Purpose Saddle Which Horse Saddle Should I Use?

“Should I use a dressage saddle or a General Purpose Saddle when showing my horse?” I recently got asked this question.

Dressage Saddle Vs General Purpose Saddle

Riders need to ensure that their saddle, dressage or general purpose, fits their horse correctly. In the undersaddle portion of a hunter class some people like to use a dressage saddle. You will occassionally see them being used and some judges frown on them. If however, your horse is fitted and is comfortable with a dressage saddle then why not show him to the best of his ability.

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Dressage Saddle Vs All Purpose which Horse Saddle Should I Use

A dressage saddle in the hunter under saddle class is frowned on because the hunter classes are meant to show horses that are suitable for hunting and the history is, horses in the undersaddle classes are represented of those horses coming from a days hunting or going to a days hunting. If you are expected to be hunting, or have hunted in the field, then you would most likely have a jumping style of saddle.

A dressage saddle is designed with a deeper seat and places the rider in a more up-right postion. Jumping and doing a 2-point, jumping position in a dressage saddle is difficult.


Consider a General Purpose Saddle

If you are new to showing and want to do some dressage as well as some jumping investing in an a

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General Purpose Saddle May Be all That is Necessary

General Purpose saddle may be the answer. A General Purpose saddle can provide the necessary support and shape to satisfy most sizze of rider and horse.

For local shows and events, a general purpose saddle is acceptable. Just ensure that it fits the horse comfortably. A general purpose saddle with excessive knee roll or an excessive forward cut is not recommended.

The best option is a saddle that fits you and your horse properly.

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  1. If you want to own dressage horses then you are going to need dressage horse trainers. The reason for this is that there are so many different parts of the dressage horse trainers art that the rider and horse must master and be aware of.

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you for your comment Nwosu. I appreciate your comment. There are many horse trainers who need to develop a depth of training only known to those who have developed a long history of dressage training.

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