Equitation tips for Hunter Riders

Equitation Tips for Hunter Riders and Horse Riding Position Exercises

These Equitation tips for hunter riders include some discussion on turnout for horse training as well as exercises to improve your leg position. If you are looking for equitation tips for hunter riders and a horse riding position exercises and review then watch this video.

You will find excellent beginner horse riding equitation tips for beginners and all levels of riding. This equitation riding review and english riding position corrections on how to improve your leg position begin at about 4:30.

Before the horse riding position review,  we go over some basic proper horse riding position tips and horse jumping form. There are also comments regarding the rider turn out, the horse jumping form and some horse riding exercises to improve your leg position.

If you would like to improve your riding position, win more ribbons at your next horse show or generally like “horsey” related stuff.


More Equitation Tips

Then stay tuned because there are a lot of equitation tips and horse care tips..

You’ll enjoy these equitation tips… esp. the one at 7:01 “Horse Riding Position Review – Equitation tips for better riding” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2jqt… –~– People often comment and send me emails regarding the position reviews and equitation tips for hunter riders. • Here is a collection of position review videos – https://goo.gl/oau5LY


If you would like to have your position reviewed please put a comment below with your request! It would also help if you would let us know if you are riding hunter, jumper, dressage or eventing. We’d love to hear from you.

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