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Even though winter is upon us you should have in the back of your head a rough idea how you should proceed with your training to arrive where you want to be in the new show season. Use the free downloads to help you identify your training priorities.

Where Are You Now  the pdf download here.

Or if you would rather fill it in a word document – download Where Are You Nowand fill it in right on your computer.


Prepare for your season


Are you stuck and want to get unstuck from the doldrums of your training? Or do you not know how to proceed? then try this exercise!


You can download and fill out ‘on line’ this success plan Where Are You Now. Or print off and fill it in on your own Where Are You Now-1to help you get unstuck.


Take out a sheet of paper and write down, on the left hand side, where you are now. It may take the shape of ‘riding once per week’, jumping 2’6″, or performing a certain dressage movement.


On the right hand side identify where you want to be. This could be ‘riding 5 times per week’, jumping 3′, and performing more dressage movements.


Then in the middle put down some steps you need to take to get you to your destination on the right hand side of the page. This can include things like – securing a ride to the stable with friends or family so you can ride more often, getting a job to hire a coach which can help you and your horse jump higher or getting a more experienced horse which can perform the movements you would like to do.


You will find by taking a few minutes to write down these goals, the way to get them will be easier to identify. So often we just float through our training and never really identify what it is we want to achieve, or the steps necessary to get there.


So I ask you to take the Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Challenge and download your goals and find out what you need to do to achieve your horse related goals.


Need a hand downloading or filling out your successes? Just email me… I’d be happy to assist!






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