Great Article About Hunter Judging


This article sums up what I’ve been trying to summarize with my horse judging. Getting a standard approach udging and having a consistent set of  scores for hunter judging.

To see the article go to this link!

For more information about judging hunter visit Hunter Judge USA and Hunter Judge Canada

About Laura

Laura Kelland-May is the founder of Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Development Program. She more than trains horses, she trains people to train their horses. In addition she is a Sr. Judge and can offer insight into What the Judge Is Looking For. Follow her here and get more tips.
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  2. Ashley Randel says:

    The photo you have featured here is posted without the permission of the person it was taken of. Can you please take it down? Thank you.

  3. Laura says:

    Thank you for pointing this out. I did have the photo credit posted… thank you and the photo has been removed.

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