Horse Movies – Top 10 Horse Movies

Here are my top 10horse movies. If you have one I have forgotten then please let me know.

10 The Story of Seabiscuit

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Creative Commons License photo credit: The Javelina

An oldy but goodie. This 1949 film of the famed champion is a refreshing look at how horses were treated and the surrounding support of a nation coming together for this unlikely winner.

9 Seabiscuit

This updated version shows a similar view oof our hero whose inspired races lifted the spirits of a nation.

 8 Hidalgo

An exciting race of man and horse pitted against the Arabian desert. Based on a true story it is interesting to see the relationships between horse and rider as they cross the desert.

 7 Spirit:  Stallion of the Cimarron

As a wild stallion travels across the frontiers of the Old West, he be friends a young human and finds true love with a mare. I liked the story line and how they depicted life in the old days. Although the amphromization of horses kills me the story is good.

 6 The Electric Horseman

This movie has some great footage of horse and rider and horses in the weirdest places.

Phar Lap

This movies highlights some of the shinannigans that can go on at the racetrack. It outlines the famous racehorse Phar Lap who showed courage and strength in spite of having a heavy handicap.

 4 The Man From Snowy River 

If you like westerns and horse round ups then this film is for you. Beautiful scenery and excellent horse riding featuring stunning Australian countryside.

 3 The Horsewhisperer

More of a romantic movie with the horse as a centre theme, this movie shows the relationship between a girl and her horse and how the horse whisperer brings them all happily back together.

 2 The Black Stallion

Visually stunning and excellent story about a shipwrecked boy and the horse he finds on an island. They form a bond and become inseparable.

Number 1 Horse Movie Black Beauty

Any version of this movie will bring a tear to a horse lovers eye. Black Beauty tells his story as he passes from home to home. some homes are loving and supportive while others are abusive and ignorant.



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2 Responses to Horse Movies – Top 10 Horse Movies

  1. Here’s a few more that I think are worthy of mention also: Buck, Secretariat, War Horse, Racing Stripes (it really is about horses), and a little-known made-for-cable movie, In Pursuit of Honor about U.S. Cavalry soldiers saving a group of horses (which claims to be based on a true story, but apparently is not — which made the story even better in my eyes). Here’s the link, since most horse people may have seen the others, but this one is more obscure:
    Valerie at

  2. Laura says:

    Whew… Thanks for your list. I haven’t seen Buck but i sure would like to. Yes to Secretariat and to WarHorse. I will have to make an auxillary list.
    Two of my favorites are two scenes from Ben Hur… The Chariot Scene which looks so easy but anyone who knows horses knows how skilled the drivers and wranglers must have been and a scene where the Shiek keeps his chariot horses in his tent with him. Love that scene where he shows Ben Hur his horses in his tent. They are treated like royalty.

    Thanks for hte link and will take a look at it. Other horsey scenes of mention?

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