Horse Trailer Buyer Tips – Gooseneck vs Bumper Pull

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Creative Commons License photo credit: eXtensionHorsesWhen choosing a horse trailer, there are many features to consider. One important feature is whether the horse trailer will have a gooseneck or bumper pull design. There are several reasons you might benefit from either design. Let’s compare these two features to see which will work best for your needs.

Bumper Pull Horse Trailers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Bumper pull trailers, also called tag-along trailers, are horse trailers that attach to a hitch on the hauling vehicle. The trailer “tags along” behind the hauling vehicle and does not become a part of the overall vehicle.

horse trailer, bumper pull, goose neck trailer,
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There are five major advantages of bumper pull horse trailers.

  • One, they usually cost less than a gooseneck trailer.
  • Two, it’s not necessary to use a pickup truck for hauling the trailer, and more people can haul this type of trailer with their current vehicle.
  • Three, normal turns are often easier because the tag-along will follow the path of your tow vehicle.
  • Four, you won’t need as much storage space for the trailer as you would for a gooseneck trailer.
  • Five, the trailer doesn’t have to be classified as a “commercial” vehicle for licensing purposes because the weight of both the trailer and tow vehicle is usually less than 10,001 pounds.

There are several disadvantages as well.

  • Bumper pull trailers do not offer as much room for the dressing/tack room.
  • Some bumper pull trailers might not be sufficient for hauling more than two horses due to the type of hitch required for the weight of the trailer.
  • Also, bumper pull trailers tend to fishtail on curvy roads, which can be dangerous and scary.

Gooseneck Horse Trailers – Advantages and Disadvantageshorse trailer, goose neck trailer, horse trailer for sale
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Gooseneck trailers differ from bumper pull trailers in their hitch style. The gooseneck is attached within the hauling truck’s bed with a ball and coupler mating. The gooseneck trailer offers several benefits.

  • One, it doesn’t sway or fishtail like a bumper trailer tends to do, and towing is more stable.
  • Two, it provides more room for living quarters, which can be convenient for camping and long trips.
  • Three, the gooseneck is easier to back up to and align with the ball while hitching it to your hauling vehicle. You can see it clearly from the rear window.
  • Four, the gooseneck design is more secure without worry of the load coming unhitched while traveling on the highway.

There are also a few disadvantages.

  • Gooseneck trailers are more expensive and are usually bigger so they must be towed with a truck that is able to handle it.
  • The hitching system is also more expensive for a gooseneck setup. While hitching the trailer, you must climb into the bed of the truck to complete the process.
  • Also, you will have to remove your camper top (if you have one) from the truck to haul a gooseneck trailer.

Find the Right Horse Trailer

Whether considering a bumper pull or gooseneck trailer, you can go online to check out various designs of each. If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider searching through used horse trailers to find a bargain. A popular brand name to start with is Sundowner horse trailers. You might also search using keywords related to your state or local area. For instance, if you live in Tennessee, you might type in “horse trailers in Tennessee” or Sundowner of Tennessee.”

Some horse owners prefer bumper pull trailers while others absolutely love the gooseneck style. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each design before making a purchase.

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  2. The biggest advantage that I can see with a gooseneck trailer is the more secure haul. I have seen a few displays about how to prevent fishtailing trailers, but it would be better if you could prevent it altogether. I wonder if having the pivot point in front of or on top of the rear axle would change how difficult it is to back the trailer. I would hope it would be easier.

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