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Improve Your Eye by Watching Horses

You can educate your eye by watching horses and riders during their training sessions. Take a look at this simple one minute video that reveals some things about this horse and rider.

Watching horses and riders help me understand the exercises and program they need to follow to improve. If you watch horses enough and apply your knowledge your ‘eye’ will develop and you can see the changes that are happening and the changes that need to happen to improve.

There is always room for improvement. When you demand more from yourself, and when you expect more from yourself you improve your standards and the improved standard becomes your “new normal”.

Get out there and demand more from yourself and become a disciplined rider. Discipline while your train every day so when you get to the competition, it happens automatically.

What I see with this horse and rider is some real improvement between 13s and 20 seconds. Here we see the horse going into steady rhythmic carriage and the rider is soft and allowing with her body and elbow.

What do you like about this horse rider combination?

About Laura

Laura Kelland-May is the founder of Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Development Program. She more than trains horses, she trains people to train their horses. In addition she is a Sr. Judge and can offer insight into What the Judge Is Looking For. Follow her here and get more tips.
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