How to Sell Your Horse Without Sounding Like a Sleazy Used Car Salesman

Selling your horse can be a piece of cake if you know some simple step. Some over the top sales techniques often backfire so avoid these pitfalls.

Don’t oversell the horse

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Don’t Oversell the Horse(Photo credit: @Doug88888)

You have seen these dealers. “yes it can jump 5 feet”, “Yes it can do Grand Prix Dressage”, ”Yes it can live out 24/7”, “yes it is suitable for a beginner rider”. And “NO it has never been lame”.

There must be a buyer and a seller. Without these two components there will be no sale. Overselling the horse will just put up red flags and warn off real prospects.

Understand What Your Horse’s Strengths Are

If your horse is a packer for a beginner. Then let your prospective buyer it will not fit the need for his/her Grand Prix Jumper aspirations. By concentrating on your horse’s strong suit, you will invite the correct people in to see and truly be interested in the sale of your horse.

On the other hand, if your horse is a potential contender, make sure potential buyers understand the breeding lines, the schooling, showing and training the horse has. This way they know where the horse is in his training and if it is a suitable match for the person they have in mind.

Trying to be all things to everyone will not get your horse sold. It will open up questions and ambiguity. Although narrowing down your market will target your sale into the correct place and could make your sale progress.

Be Honest About any Issues

Health issues are an important horse related concern. If your horse has had a surgery, colic, lameness, be open and truthful about it. Most horses have had a lameness, bruise or some sort of cut/sore. Understanding the potential to have a stone bruise, colic or hoof issue is important.
I recently sold my horse and told the new owner he always pulled his shoes off! She was ready with her farrier to improve his way of going and his shoes are [still] on.

Be honest and sell your horse in the market it is meant to be in.

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