The Lady Gaga Guide to Getting Noticed in the Show Ring

Ever wonder why Lady Gaga dresses the way she does and what it has to do with your riding?

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The Lady Gaga Guide to Getting Noticed in the Show Ring

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The Lady Gaga Guide to Horse Showing

One thing I noticed this summer while judging is competitors really have to be ‘on the ball’ to get noticed in a crowded ring. One under saddle class had 20 competitors. I split the class to ensure I could see everyone, but still, getting noticed in a crowd is a good skill to have when showing.

How do YOU get noticed (in a good way!) while showing in a crowd?

Ever wonder why singing sensation Lady Gaga dresses the way she does?
I think it is because she has to make a bold statement and to do that she dresses in outlandish costumes to get noticed and rise above the hundreds of thousands of other music artists to get noticed. Showing horses is similar.
Horse back riding has become so competitive; whether it is for business or fun, every rider wants to be noticed. There are championships, friends to impress and parents to satisfy. If that isn’t’t enough there are bills to pay.

How To Get Noticed in a Sea of Horses


horse training, horse riding, dressage, hunter jumper, how to win at a hunter show

You are Unique

OK, let me ask you this –  Can you find another person in the whole of universe just like you? (unless you are a twin)or just like your horse? I mean, just like you – appearance, characteristics, genes etc. – everything just like you?
Here’s the answer. – You can NEVER ever find another person just like you. And that’s key to your survival in the show ring. This is your ‘secret sauce’. It sounds so easy, but those riders who are comfortable and KNOW they are unique are the ones which rise above the others in the show ring.
Just be you and you can stand out from the crowd. People like Lady Gaga because she is just who she is.

Identify Your Strengths and your Horse’s Strengths

You’ve probably heard it many times before. But how can you identify your strengths and show them off to the judge? You can do this by enjoying and showing your horse to its and your best ability. (Don’t mistake it for not being careful, though). Once you know your horse has a great walk, show it off. If you horse has a  beautiful canter enjoy it and show it off.

Well what I mean here is, ride like you. Your riding has to, however, fit into the specifications of the class, so be knowledgeable of the requirements. Identify the ‘secret sauce’ to getting noticed. This could be a fantastic walk. Or another horse may be a superior canter. Which ever it is find it and flaunt it to the judge.

Be Everywhere

By this I don’t mean run over the judge or circle around so the judge can not see anything else, but rather, manage your presence so you can present yourself to the judge properly. If the judge can not see you then s/he won’t see you.
Stand out
1. Stand out with great turnout.
2. Stand out with a great performance
3 Stand out with excellent quality.
4. Stand out and know you belong there.
Identify your secret sauce and use it to your advantage. And If I ever see anyone in the competition ring with a green wig and platform shoes I will know who it will be.

About Laura

Laura Kelland-May is the founder of Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Development Program. She more than trains horses, she trains people to train their horses. In addition she is a Sr. Judge and can offer insight into What the Judge Is Looking For. Follow her here and get more tips.
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