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What is on Your To Do List of For 2015?

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Success is not an accident! It has to be planned and thought out. Here is a collection of goals some people have sent to me at the beginning of January 2013:

  • Start a horse blog
  • Ride 5 days per week
  • Budget and show in 6 shows this summer 1 of which a rated show
  • Sell 10 horses
  • Host my own series of horse shows.

This are interesting and varied collection of goals and success. What are you planning to do with your horse, riding or horse business this year. Send me an email (laura at thistleridgestables.com) and we will add it to the list!

You Can Be Successful With Your Horse Riding, Horse Showing

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Get On Your Path To Success

We all started in the same place – at the bottom. Not knowing anything about horses. Why then do some excel and some don’t. Part of it is because of desire and part of it is because of planning. What could you be doing right now… NOW! which will take you one step closer to your goal?

Once you figure it out, you will be on your path to success.
We all have the same time, the same number of hours in a day and the time passes at the same speed for all of us. My day is 24 hours and your day is 24 hours but what we choose to put into it is different.

Stay Focused

It is essential to stay focused. Some people seem to get more ‘stuff’ done.
This is because:

they are focused and driven to do those things which they need to get done to get ahead and get noticed.

Pick one thing you would like to accomplish this year.

This year I would like to: _________________________________.

Make your list of things you could do each day to get you closer to your goal.

This week I will:

  1. _________________________
  2. _________________________
  3. _________________________
  4. _________________________
  5. _________________________

The simple action of writing down your goal, and then applying steps toward it will mean you are closer to your success.

The sad truth is most people wish, wish, wish and then wonder why others get ahead and win more ribbons or get to the championships. By setting out your true goals and then applying a simple structure to get to your goals you have a strategy in place to be the success you were meant to be.

I would like to thank all the people who sent in their personal goals and horse training targets for the upcoming year/season and wish you all the best.
If you have a goal please send it in or post it in a comment. Success is exponential when you make it public.

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