Why Are Riding Boots So High?

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For the horse riding professionals, a good pair of riding boots is indispensable. Riding boots aid in providing a solid grip through the stirrup along with preventing the saddle leather from pinching the rider’s leg. Horse riding boots allow the rider to remain comfortable, protects their feet and prevents the rider’s feet from slipping out of the stirrups.

A quick glimpse into horse riding history demonstrates that riding boots have always been made with high heels to keep the foot from slipping. Anymore, riding boots are constructed in diverse styles and patterns for many different purposes. Show boots are not the same as those for field and hunting.

You’ll see there many kinds of horse riding boots. In a more general sense, they are usually separated into two categories: English and Western boots.

English equestrian boots are fabricated of high quality soft leather. These boots are available in different styles such as tall boots, which fit up to your knees and paddock boots which fit a little above your ankle. Long English boots are popular for competitions and available in a few different styles. In my opinion, they look quite graceful with that curved top. Long English boots are typically more stable, providing thorough protection to your lower leg as compared to the short ones. This is the reason why they arehunter jduge, hunter judge canada, hunter judge USA, show ring hunter, riding boots, what the judge is looking for often used for dressage, jumping and cross-country riding.

Short boots, on the other hand, offer your lower leg more give. The well-known jodhpur boots and paddock boots are in this boot category. Jodhpur boots are normally worn with jodhpur pants which come down to the rider’s ankles. These boots are equipped with a zipper and elastic on the side along with a heel. Paddock boots use laces on the front and a heel.
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Western riding boots are available in both long and short types. These boots are made of leather with a solid heel and can be sold with an ornamental pattern at the calf area of the boots. They are generally made of cowhide but materials such as alligator or snakeskin can sometimes be used.

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4 Responses to Why Are Riding Boots So High?

  1. laura says:

    someone has just pointed out to me that when you purchase boots you should bet them so they hit the back of your knee. This is a great point. When riding the boots will crease and shift down approximately an inch.

    Be mindful however, that when not wearing your boots, they should have ‘trees’ in them to prevent over creasing!

  2. Karla says:

    Western riding boots are such a good one.
    I Used Them Mostly.

  3. They look quite graceful with that curved top. has just pointed out to me that when you purchase boots you should bet them so they hit the back. boots are made of leather with a solid heel and can be sold with an ornamental pattern.

  4. King Sonderegger says:

    Horse riding looks fun and enjoyable but it is a skillful job. For a smooth ride, both horse and the rider need to strike the right balance. It is important for a rider to follow a horse’s motion and stay in balance, if not you will end up gripping the horse with your thighs, clinging on to him by holding their calves etc. if this creates some unbalance in the horse’s motions, his ability to turn would get affected.`””-


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