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If you are serious about your riding then take this clinic

Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Training Camp

July 9th – July 13

Are you serious about your riding?  Are you tired of the cookie cutter formula of one size fits all?

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 If so – then get your individual program suited to you and your riding expertise at the Thistle Ridge Skill Builders training camp July 9th – July13th 2012.

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Thistle Ridge Training Camp will be held July 9th – 13th and will include coaching at the Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Show Clinic July 14th. Space is limited so please reserve soon.


All riders will have 7 mounted riding lessons over the 5 day camp (2 private/semiprivate and 5 group lessons). Afternoon lectures, horse awareness sessions and guest instructors are also included. These training camps are for riders of all ages and levels. Program tailored to suit your needs.

Bring your own horse – Stabling included in the price. We will provide a stall, bedding and hay.  Please bring your own grain, supplements etc. (we won’t be offended if you want to bring your own hay).


Ride one of our horses – Horse included in the price. We have excellent horses available on a first come first serve basis.


Light lunch and refreshments included.


Cost for the camp – $460 per week.

Who should take this course?

If you are serious about your riding then this course is for you. You do not have to be an exceptional rider, trainer or professional; all we ask is that you have a basic –walk – trot and canter seat. What we REALLY want are horse people who are willing to put themselves forward and want to be the best riders that they can be.


Good training starts with a solid foundation. Building on a base of knowledge will provide you with a good base to move forward and grow.

How is this riding camp different than any other course?

This is not a cookie-cutter course. What you will get is individual program suited to you and your riding experience. Each session/lesson will include exercises, tips and program suited to your specific needs.

Thistle Ridge Skill Builder

Horse Training and Guest Instructors


You will receive training in common techniques, actual HOW TO fix errors. Not just “get the horse rounder” but actual training on HOW TO instruction. You will learn exercises to include in your own training program. Your horse will look amazing and you will look like a genius.


Identify root problems and what subtle differences can be employed to boost your training prowess. Recognize some common riding errors such as heels jiggling, uneven hands and how these effect the horse.


Sample Schedule – All Riders will have 7 lessons over the 5 day camp

  • Monday:

–          1 private lesson/assessment

–          Afternoon lecture

  • Tuesday:

–          1 group lesson dressage/flat

–          1 group lesson over fences or 1 group lesson dressage/flat

  • Wednesday:

–          1 group lesson (over fences or dressage/flat)

–          Afternoon hands on awareness program

  • Thursday:

–          1 private lesson

–          Afternoon session

  • Friday:

–          1 group lesson dressage/flat

–          1 group lesson over fences\


You need this course if you:

o        If you care about your riding

o        Having problems with bringing a young horse along

o        Want to advance your riding to the next level

o        If your riding has plateau-ed and you don’t know where to go

o        Need some specific help with one aspect of your riding

o        Need to be around people to get you motivated

o        Want to progress, develop and succeed

o        Want to progress quicker through your training process

o        Are confused by training issues and want to know how to move past them

o        You think your horse is holding you back because he can’t do it

o        You need to know exactly HOW to do things

o        It will outline every day training situations and how to proceed to encourage correct horse development.


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