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Horse Training, Reward Your Horse For Trying

When you are horse training, reward your horse for trying. This does not necessisarily mean give the horse a bag of carrots for doing the least little thing. Horse training can be made more fun for the horse by offering a simple ‘good boy’, or a pat/stroke on the neck. Learn these simple tips to help you with your horse training. Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Riding Position – Get Those Legs Back Part 1

Learn how to get your legs back and improve your riding postition. Teacher after teacher tells you to get your legs back, reach back with the heels, reach long with your leg, or reach down and back with the thigh or knee. They keep telling you over and over to do that. They might even come up with some crazy contraption or other to help you get those legs back. You’d really like to get them back, if only you knew how. Continue reading

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Does Turnout Matter?

Having the correct turn out for a horse show is important. You have only one chance to make a first impression. Continue reading

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Jumping – Finding the Right Spot

Sometimes getting in a little tight can get your horse to ‘snap’ up its knees. But sometimes a little deep can mean a chip and there goes your class. Learn the 5 main factors that determin where your horse will take off for the fence. Continue reading

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