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10 Tips for Banishing Competition Riding Nerves

Learn to work with your emotional responses, channelling them into the job in hand rather than trying to eradicate them altogether. Here she explains how. Continue reading

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Do Have Your Own Equipment?

Purchasing Your Own Riding Equipment If you plan on becoming a rider or taking your riding seriously requires some financial commitment. The minimum is purchasing your own hat (approved), gloves, boots and riding crop. Some riding establishments have rental helmets … Continue reading

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Tips for Mastering the Rising Trot – Feel the horse

Most riders when starting out put too much effort into the rising. They press onto their stirrups, and stand up as far as they can. This can sustain them for only a short time as their legs get tired and new riders do not ‘go with the flow’.
You must admit you have to FEEL the horse to do a posting trot correctly. Continue reading

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When to Stop Taking Lessons?

Well I say never! You never stop learning and you always can learn from someone new. Now whether it is a formal lesson or not it doesn’t matter it is still a lesson and you will still learn from it! … Continue reading

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