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Equitation Tips – Top Equitation Tips When Horseback Riding

Follow these top Equitation Tips to get yourself noticed in the equitation ring. Having good equitation skills is more than just ‘heels down’. It is knowing how to put your heels down so your position is secure. Continue reading

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Stable Management – Horse Hoof Care

Hoof care is a vital part of maintaining your horses overall health. You should check your horses hooves daily, and at the very least, two to three times per week. You should becomve very familiar with what is normal and what is not, and to notice any problems that may be starting. Using this simple checklist may assist you in your daily grooming routine. Continue reading

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Stable Management – White Line Disease

White line disease attacks the part of the hoof wall attaches to the hoof structure – the white line.White line disease can be a fatal blow to your horse. Learn how to prevent and treat white line disease. Continue reading

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