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What I Learned from Judging a Dressage Show

When you look up commitment in the dictionary there is no picture of a person hauling off to a horse show, but rather a whole host of synonyms such as promise, pledge, responsibility. Have you committed to your horse? Continue reading

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Is Your Horse Getting Enough Hay… how would you know?

Feeding your house hay is not an exact science but understand the factors when feeding your horse. Continue reading

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Should I use a Mounting Block? 3 Reasons to Save Yourself and Your Horse’s Back

I remember the days when my equestrian prowess was measured by how high I could lift my leg to get on a horse. These days, however, the mounting block is your friend and the friend to your horse’s back as well as to your saddle. Continue reading

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Tail Turnout – How to Turn Out a Tail with the best of them!

As a horse show judge I notice a lot of things. If horses ‘chip’ in, leave out strides or knock rails down. I also notice tails. And a well turned out tail can complement any hunter round. Get these tips on how to get a leg up on the competition with some easy tail tips. Continue reading

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