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Horse for Sale, Write Classifieds for Horses for Sale

If you have a horse for sale you have to be able to write a great online classified advertisement. On line or in a magazine, there are virtually thousands of equestrian sites to sell your horse. How do you get your classified noticed? What should you include? Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Riding Position – Get Those Legs Back Part 1

Learn how to get your legs back and improve your riding postition. Teacher after teacher tells you to get your legs back, reach back with the heels, reach long with your leg, or reach down and back with the thigh or knee. They keep telling you over and over to do that. They might even come up with some crazy contraption or other to help you get those legs back. You’d really like to get them back, if only you knew how. Continue reading

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Tack Care And Conditioning – Top 3 Tips for Tack Care

photo credit: johnson1952… Have you wondered the best way for tack care and conditioning? Or the best way to clean your tack? I’m sure you’ve seen it, saddles covered in mold, bridles left in disuse. Those moldy leather pieces can … Continue reading

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Horse Breed – American Quarter Horse Breed

The American Quarter Horse is the first breed of horse native to the United States.  The breed evolved when the bloodlines of horses brought to the New World were mixed.  Foundation American Quarter Horse stock originated from Arab, Turk and … Continue reading

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