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Teach the Basics…. “Heels Down!”

photo credit: Svadilfari We’ve all seen those riders who magically get their horses to seamlessly perform without any effort.  It may be a beautiful hunter round, jumper course, dressage or western reining or pleasure.  How do they do it.  With … Continue reading

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Lease or Buy – Important Considerations

Are you considering buying your first horse? Before you sign on the dotted line there may be other options to consider! Leasing a quality animal is often an overlooked option.

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Saddle Fitting Basics

photo credit: cmaccubbin Having a saddle that fits your horse correctly is half the battle of riding.  A saddle that pinches your horse or bears down on his whithers makes the horse uncomfortable and can cause nasty bad habits. How … Continue reading

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Using the Correct Tack

  I have recently been asked about tack. As a Senior Judge there have been times where the turnout of the horse has become an issue. Whether the tack is black, brown or leather or new age the most important … Continue reading

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