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Hunter Horse Show, What You Can Learn from Your Worst Hunter Horse Show

After a couple years of going to horse shows, you probably get the gist of what is required and what the judge is looking for. You may get better at predicting which one of your hunter jumper rounds will perform … Continue reading

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Horse Exercises, Jumping Courses to Improve Your Hunter Jumper

Use these simple horse exercises to improve your hunter jumper rounds. Horse Exercises – Parts of a Hunter Jumper Course When you break down the elements of a hunter jumper course you will see that the jumping course is made … Continue reading

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Getting Show Ring Ready – Braid that Mane

Ever wonder how those perfect braids happen? You know the ones. Pefect rows all the same size and meticulously spaced? Well if you follow these simple tips you can have a beautiful mane to!

Nothing is so nice as having a horse come into the ring looking like it belongs. And nothing says “I belong” like a perfectly braided mane.
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