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Can a Horse With a Rail Beat a ‘Clean’ Horse?

Each judge usually, and I say usually, because some judges don’t, gives a percentage score depending on the round. Generally speaking a rail gets a score of 40 – 50 depending on the rail and the rest of the course. See the following post regarding judging hunters. Continue reading

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Hunter Under Saddle

We as judges have formed opinions based on our own experiences. He is consistent, and reliable, and consistent and reliable is what an under saddle horse should be. Steady comfortable paces which a rider may have done to and from the field hunt. Continue reading

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Your First Horse Show

Have you decided to head out to your first horse show?
Now what do you do?

You have arrived and gotten your number from the horse show secretary…. So … What next? Continue reading

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Trouble Shooting Your Walk- Using Placing Poles to Establish Your Walk

Do you ever use poles to help your horse THINK where his feet are?   Most horses do not think they have big honking hooves at the end of their spindly legs. Help your horse out by educating him on … Continue reading

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