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Equitation Tips – Top Equitation Tips When Horseback Riding

Follow these top Equitation Tips to get yourself noticed in the equitation ring. Having good equitation skills is more than just ‘heels down’. It is knowing how to put your heels down so your position is secure. Continue reading

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Horse Riding – What the Judge is Looking For (NOT!)

As a horse show judge I travel around and see many different levels of horse riding at horse shows. Some are smooth operators with new gear and pressed jackets. Some, on the other hand, are recreational riders who want to bring their horse for a day out. If you have no coach, trainer or knowledgeable horse person to help you with your horse riding and showing please take a few tips from this post. Continue reading

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Horse Training Tips -Top Three Must Haves for Horse Training

If you overwhelm your horse it may cause your horse training to back fire and slip. Having these three simple things will make your horse trianing go smoothly. When a horse trainer uses too many aids at the same time or gives unclear direction the horse becomes unclear on what to do. Doing them harder or more doesn’t make them understand the aids more. Continue reading

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Show Ring Turn Out – Hunter Jumper Show Ring Turn Out

Remember, show ring turn out matters. When riding a hunter you are judged from the moment you enter the ring to the time you leave. Show ring turn out – the extras – learn these extra tips to get noticed by the judge. Continue reading

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