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Show Ring Turn Out – Hunter Jumper Show Ring Turn Out

Remember, show ring turn out matters. When riding a hunter you are judged from the moment you enter the ring to the time you leave. Show ring turn out – the extras – learn these extra tips to get noticed by the judge. Continue reading

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Horse Training, Do You Do This When Horse Training?

Dangerous behaviour is not uncommon when horse training so why are so many horses sent to horse trainers because they buck or kick? Continue reading

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Horse Training, Reward Your Horse For Trying

When you are horse training, reward your horse for trying. This does not necessisarily mean give the horse a bag of carrots for doing the least little thing. Horse training can be made more fun for the horse by offering a simple ‘good boy’, or a pat/stroke on the neck. Learn these simple tips to help you with your horse training. Continue reading

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Dressge Horse Training – Top Three Things That Go Wrong with Your Square Halt When Training Your Dressage Horse

Top three things that can go wrong when halting in a dressage test. When performing your dressage horse training one of the most ellusive movements is a square halt. If your halt is not well defined and performed correctly, it will put a bad flavor in the dressage judges ‘mouth’. Continue reading

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