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Should I use a Mounting Block? 3 Reasons to Save Yourself and Your Horse’s Back

I remember the days when my equestrian prowess was measured by how high I could lift my leg to get on a horse. These days, however, the mounting block is your friend and the friend to your horse’s back as well as to your saddle. Continue reading

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Tips for Mastering the Rising Trot – Feel the horse

Most riders when starting out put too much effort into the rising. They press onto their stirrups, and stand up as far as they can. This can sustain them for only a short time as their legs get tired and new riders do not ‘go with the flow’.
You must admit you have to FEEL the horse to do a posting trot correctly. Continue reading

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3 Lessons From A Show Ring Flop – How Not to Win Ribbons at a Horse Show

Sure there are lots of posts from experienced hunter riders on how to win, get noticed and know what the judge is looking for. But what about for the rest of us who had to learn by the school of … Continue reading

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