To Middle Age and Beyond – Riding through your middle age

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I sat on my first pony at a pony ride venue in Stanley Park, B.C. in 196- something.
After that I was hooked and it seems as though I have been riding ever since!

Now middle age has caught up to me and have found I have to pay better attention to my  riding so I may continue to ride well into my middle aged years.

Here are some things I think, as middle aged riders, we may have to consider:

  1. Stay fit. Being in good physical condition has allowed me to continue to ride. Get a physical fitness program and eat a well balanced diet. I have found the spare tire around the middle a little more prominent these days.
    Doing stretches, sit ups and some yoga moves helps keep my back, core and legs relaxed and strong to continue to ride.
  2. Get a responsible horse. A seasoned horse may be the safest bet. I have opted out of riding and starting young horses. They are unpredictable and as much as I hate to admit it, I am not as fast or as strong as I used to be to sit on the silly young’uns.
  3. Get a responsible coach. A seasoned coach will help in many ways. Being seen as a seasoned rider and understanding physical limitations of students is important. Setting goals, and a suitable warm up is a beneficial part of each class.

Other options are:

  • get a sheepskin pad for the saddle or a ‘Cashel – Tush-Cush’ to help absorb the shock. I find the sheepskin warm in the cooler months and it is comfy.
  • ride in 2-point. This may help alleviate any concussion on tender spines, necks and hips. You must however, have a strong core to keep yourself off the saddle.
  •  Vary your stirrup length to assist with any ankle problems or knee soreness.
  • Thick fat rubber reins for easy grip.

I’d like to know your thoughts! Send me an email with your thoughts on how you make your riding more comfortable.

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