Hunter Jumper – Top Trends in the Hunter Show Ring

Riding habit, 1801

Are You In Style – Riding habit, 1801 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever wonder if you are in style in the hunter ring? I remember the tweed hacking jackets and grey breeches. Now keeping on track with the hunter turn out can make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Conservative is OK

Hunt Coat

A conservative color riding show jacket is always in style. Black is not in vogue anymore! Softer colors such as grey/brown are popular. It must fit well and tailored at the waist. The sleeves should be long enough so when your elbows are bent, there is a rim of your long sleeved shirt showing.

Riding Shirt

Long sleeves are a must. This is especially true if the show management has excused jackets. I used to have a favorite grey blouse with ‘ratcatcher’. As with jackets conservative never goes out of style. Avoid LOUD shirts with bright colors. Try to match your blouse with your jacket color.

Monogram or Pin?

Either is correct and a complementary monogram is exclusive. do not abuse the monogram. A small tasteful design which blends or matches your hunt coat color is acceptable. Pins are traditional and a simple pin can add a tasteful accent and personality to your outfit.

Hairnet or Ponytail

Pull back your hair and tuck it under your helmet or in a hairnet. Wisps of hair are distracting and detract from your appearance. Short stirrup riders can get away with pig-tails and ribbons.

What do you like to see in the show ring? Do you have a favorite jacket or breeches you like to see? Send an email… we’d like to hear from you


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