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Write Classifieds that Sell


If you have a horse for sale you have to be able to write a great online classified advertisement. On line or in a magazine, there are virtually thousands of equestrian sites to sell your horse. How do you get your classified noticed? What should you include? Getting information into the hands of the buyer/reader is the most important thing.

If you have a horse for sale, give prospective buyers as much information as possible to help them with their decision. This will save you time and money in the long run!

Basic horse for sale advertisements should include the breed, size and type of horse you have. Most serious buyers have done their homework before making a decision on leasing or buying. Including this information will help the prospective buyer make a quicker decision.

  • Include a photograph

As the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. An on line listing or a magazine, when you are looking at classifieds, they are a sea of words. Incorporating a photograph catches your attention and slows down your eye from moving on. Adding a picture will entice people to read the advertisement. Even a ‘head shot’ of your horse is better than nothing.

A full body photo identifying, markings, desirable breed characteristics, or movement is a big plu

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Have a Good Quality Photograph

s. If you are selling a hunter or jumper then an ‘action shot’ over fences is even better. This way the prospective buyers can make informed decisions. Photographs of your performance horses such as reining, team penning, pleasure or endurance will draw the interest of people looking for that type of horse.

Saying in your ad, ‘pictures available on request’ is fine but this is just another step that prospective buys do not want to do. ‘Additional pictures’ or ‘video available’ is a better option.

Get and keep additional pictures handy for inquiries.

  • Include Price

Including a price will weed out people. If you have a horse that is worth a lot of money then say so in the ad. This will certainly avoid ‘tire kickers’ that waste your time. And back it up with reason for the price why in the description. “Multiple Champion Winner” and “in the ribbons” will draw more attention and substantiate the value.

A less expensive horse will still draw a lot of interest and may be of interest to those people looking in

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Include an Action Shot

a higher bracket. Do not be afraid to include the price.

  • Include Location

Most people would prefer to look closer to home than having to travel long distances. Identify the location of the horse and if you are willing to cover shipping costs to the new owner.

  • Include a Knockout Title

An interesting ad will attract attention. If, for example, you have a 16hh bay mare for sale with show ring experience:

16hh bay Champion Hunter for sale or lease For sale or lease – Experienced Show Ring Hunter, Ottawa,Ontario

May attract people looking for a show horse as opposed to:

Warmblood mare, nice mover, good with farrier

Which may attract no people who want to show, but would attract people who want to breed. So write a great title to attract the right buyers to your horse.

Writing a classified ad to sell your horse is not difficult. You must use words to attract buyers who are actually interested in the type of horse you have to sell. Do not waste your money on advertizing to attract people who are not interested. Be specific, concise and truthful! Do not misrepresent your horse. And of course always include, and check, your telephone number. Good luck!

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