You Think You Want A Horse Business?

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Follow These Steps For a Successful Horse Business

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Have you always wanted to work with horses or wanted a horse business?
Then you may want to sit down and take a look at the numbers.

Who wants to work with horses?

Most people who dream of working with horses do so because they had one when they were younger and remember the enjoyment of having a horse or being with them. They can see themselves spending time in the environment with horses. This is not just in the stable, but also, in tack rooms, horse shows, show grounds, and farm areas.
Horse business people get a reward or satisfaction from a job well done and can see themselves spending a day in the stable environment rather than spending time in an office or other workplace.

How to Set Up Your Horse Business

Horse Business Setup Step 1 –

Determine if it is really what you want to do. Starting any business is  difficult and a horse business is no different. It is important to understand there will be many long hours, heart ache, disappointment and at the end maybe not much money. It is important to have the desire and motivation to continue to push and work through these minor set backs.

If  you are doing this to make money, just hang up the stirrups right here and check your motives. Your motives form the back bone of your business and is closely tied to your business mission statement. To help you develop your motives and to see if your business makes sense:

  • Make a list of the things you hope to gain from your horse business.

    horse business, starting a horse business, new horse owners, thistle ridge skill builders, horse business, horse riding, horse care, horse training, Laura Kelland-May

    Make a List of Your Horse Business Skills

  • Make a list of, what your perceive, as the disadvantages.
  • List your business skill strengths and weaknesses.

if your disadvantage list is longer than your advantage -happy- list then you may want to rethink your endeavor. Likewise if you business skills weaknesses are a mile long … take care.

Horse Business Setup Step 2 –

Find out if it makes sense. Do some market research on the horse business in your area. Even if you love it you should find out if there is a market for it. Take some time and do a casual survey and get statistics from local government agencies or just plain ask people if they want what you have to offer.Creative Commons License photo credit: Al-Meshal
There are many aspects of a horse business. Riding, boarding, training, farrier, layups, breeding – they all have different niches and finding the right one which suits you and your area is important.

Horse Business Set Up Step 3

Is there someone already doing this in your area? If there is, is there enough room for both of you and how can you make it better. For example there may be several breeding farms in your area what could you offer that the others don’t?
Or what mhorse business, starting a horse business, new horse owners, thistle ridge skill builders, horse business, horse riding, horse care, horse training, Laura Kelland-Mayicro-niche can you offer to satisfy a need. It could be a specific breed, specialty in foaling and foal care, expert in mare care.
There are many successful businesses out there which have not done these three steps. These are some fundamental investigative steps to consider before starting out on any business venture, not just a horse business venture.What have you done to successfully develop and maintain your horse business during these difficult financial times?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Taylor Rosenbalm

What was the biggest obstacle you overcame when setting up your horse business?



About Laura

Laura Kelland-May is the founder of Thistle Ridge Skill Builders Development Program. She more than trains horses, she trains people to train their horses. In addition she is a Sr. Judge and can offer insight into What the Judge Is Looking For. Follow her here and get more tips.
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3 Responses to You Think You Want A Horse Business?

  1. Good tips. My biggest issue right now is burnout. Might have one for sale soon :-).

  2. I have a nine year old equine production business for sale, if you know of anyone who is looking seriously, to purchase an established business. This is a national and international business – two thirds wholesale with an established distributor base; and a one third retail business, selling from the web site, with an established retail base of customers, who are tied to coming back to this company for refill and restocking – so as you can see, we have resell built into the corporate plan. We sell a product that every horse owner should own, so it is not a horse treat, or another horse blanket. I am looking for serious inquiries only, not just curious folks. You sound as if you are connected in the equine industry, and seem to be counselling folks about equine businesses. Please get back to me if you know of any body who might be a serious potential buyer, of a very unique and serious equine business. No one else in the world does what we do; especially to the size, scope and scale.


    Sharon Baker

  3. Laura says:

    Thank you Sharon for you to post your business here is amazing. I would recommend you post on LinkedIn “this businesss of horses” group. There are many horse people there. Maybe even some who are interested in purchasing an international equine production business. I do also send out a newsletter and will include your particulars on there if you do not mind.
    Thak you,

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