Your Succes is My Success – Part 2

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Training Does Not Happen Overnight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people see the finished product and really don’t stop to think the steps and time it took to get to the final product. This is so true with all horse training.
An Olympic athlete who never wins a medal, a champion at the local agricultural fair or a winning round at a recognized horse show all had to train and prepare to qualify to get to the standard. It doesn’t happen overnight and there are many hurdles and training opportunities to get there.
The two minute hunter round, jumping course or dressage or western class did not happen overnight. It took minutes to perform it, but it took years to train it.

 How Long Does It Take to Train a Horse?


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Success is Hidden In Your Daily Routine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Training horses is measured in days, weeks and years. When you work with your horse, you are ALWAYS training it! what you do on a daily basis will form the foundation of your training regime.

This goes back to part 1:

 Your success is hidden in your daily routine.

When you accept less than what you want or desire, you will have this as your standard. If you raise your standard, then you will raise your expectations and your performance will be better as a result.

That easy canter to the jumps and effortless lead change is a result of good training. Sometimes people see these easy rides and try to mimic them. They have their horses long and easy and then the round unravels quickly. The horse can’t jump, or the lead changes aren’t there. What some people miss however, is there has to be a background of fundamentals which are the foundation of horse training.

Monkey See Monkey Do

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Monkey See Monkey Do(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I have seen is riders who copy the professionals, without the background or fundamentals. This often results in horses which have missed valuable training steps and are therefore performing under their scope. This leads to lackadaisical performances and riders which never, really, reaching their potential.

There is no short cut for good training or correct training. It takes many years of knowledgeable training to get riders and horses  performing at their peak.

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