Insights from a Hunter Judge

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Insights from a Hunter Judge

10 Commandments of Horse Training

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  Do you want to be a better rider in 30 days? Learn the secrets that top trainers know. Perform some of the easiest and effective exercises to get your riding position where you want it to be. Follow the simple program outlined in this book and you will be a better rider in 30 days; or possibly sooner!  Buy Now Equitation Tips- 20+ Exercises to Improve Your Riding Position: For Dressage, Hunter, Jumper and Horseback Riding in General (Equestrian Skill Builders Book 1)

Discover easy to do yet powerful exercises which will straighten your horse in 15 minutes a day or less. Unleash your horse’s power by riding your horse correctly.

With our hands, legs and seat we can develop and train our horses to make them strong and supple. By creating exercises for our horse, and performing these exercises, we will supple, strengthen and develop our horses to become stronger, better athletes.  Buy Now –Horse Training Dressage Exercises

Gymnastic jumps are a series of poles and obstacles set at certain distances to allow
horses and riders to develop their ability and form over fences. By using poles and jumps at set distances riders can develop their form, balance, position, strength, feel, balance, straightness and suppleness.

Gymnastic jumping tests riders of all levels and abilities. From beginner riders and advanced horsemen, systematic gymnastic progress can build up a green horse into a grand prix contender. Buy Now Buy Now

Ever wonder what the judge is looking for?
Understand what the judge is looking for and improve your placings at your next horse show.
The Anatomy of a Hunter Round breaks down the simple hunter round into easy to digest bit size chunks so you can get a grip on what the judge would like to see and what the judge is looking for.

Find out what it’s like to be a hunter jumper judge. Buy Now.

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