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Natural Horse Shampoo

Aspire All-in-One Equine Wash –  The Results

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Aspire All-in-One is SLS Free and Paraben Free

The Aspire All in One Horse Shampoo is a must have for any horse stable. If you are showing, grooming or just plain want your horse to look clean and healthy this product has it all.

Aspire All-in-One is Sodium Laurel Sulfate/ite free. As a rule I personally try to  stay away from Sodium Laurel Sulfate/ites and other chemicals found in most shampoos such as parabens (now linked with cancer), so when I saw Aspire products I jumped at the chance to try them.

This is an all natural shampoo and I was a bit skeptical it would be lacking in the cleaning department. Being a natural product with no common detergents left me thinking it would not work.




I was mistaken. The results were excellent.

Natural horse Shampoo

Before and After with Natural Horse Shampoo – Aspire All-in-One Equine Wash

You can see in the before and after photos the shiny hair and pink skin. After using the Aspire All-in-One Equine Wash K-Leigh’s socks are gleaming. Her skin pink and the black ‘ermine’ marks glowing. One student even remarked,”I didn’t know K-Leigh had black spots on her legs!” It shows how beautifully the natural shampoo worked and the state of our regular grooming program.

natural horse shampoo

K-Leigh with Clean  Hind Legs After Using Aspire Horse Shampoo

I did notice some ground in grass stains as well and was determined to see how the Aspire All-in-One natural horse shampoo would fair cleaning ground in grass stains. The results? Take a look at this!

Natural horse shampoo, thistle ridge Product review

Before and After All Natural Horse Shampoo – Aspire All-in-One Equine Wash

What I Did

natural horse shampoo

Aspire Natural Horse Shampoo- All-in-One Equine Wash

I used cold water directly from the tap and rinsed off K-Leigh’s legs with a sponge. Once wet down I applied a quarter sized ‘squirt’ from the bottle onto a hand scrubby and washed the area for approximately 1 minute.

After 1 minute I rinsed K-Leigh’s leg with a sponge and cold water. Even in the cold water the Aspire All-in-One lathered up well and after 1 scrub the dirty and grime was gone. I was truly impressed. Other main stream shampoos usually require several washings to get the same results I got with just one scrub of Aspire All-in-one.

After the first scrub I applied another quarter sized amount and re-scrubbed. This second round produced an exceptional clean and results were seen right to the roots of the horse, showing her natural pink skin underneath.

It was easy to use and rinsing was  quick. The Equine Wash left no residue and left the hair squeaky clean.
And – I did notice her stocking seem to stay whiter for longer.

Warning Do Not Try This At Home

At first I was skeptical of how this equine wash would work. My past experience with natural human shampoos left my hair oily and stringy. So before I tried it on the horse I disregarded the ‘for animal use only’ warning and used it myself.

The first thing I noticed was the rich sweet fragrance. It reminded me of caramel. The wash itself is clear and has a slightly tan colour. It was easy to squirt out a nickel sized portion on to my palm and use it on my hair.  Even with the hard water of our well it lathered immediately and continued to suds and clean right down to my scalp.
I think it may have some peppermint in it as it left my head feeling tingling and squeaky clean. AND I noticed my scalp felt clean but not itchy and dry, like I feel after using so many commercial drug store shampoos.

 How it Works

The Aspire products are all natural and their shampoo is soap free and does not cause any dry or itchy skin. Because it is manufactured from natural ingredients it can be used frequently without concern for drying your horse’s skin out or removing their natural oils from their coat.


The only improvement I would like to see is an easier to handle bottle. It comes in a full 32 oz., 946 ml bottle which was a bit cumbersome to handle. If you have multiple horses the size is convenient yet cumbersome to tote around when bathing your horse.

For my washing I used, I am guessing, a 1/2 oz. maybe maximum 1 oz. to get 3 white stockings white. I will transfer some of the 32 oz. into a convenient oz. bottle for easier control when bathing. I think I could have used less but because of the big bottle it was difficult to control the amount which came out.


To purchase your Natural Horse Shampoo, Aspire All-in-One please visit their website (and tell them Laura sent you!)


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