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My Blog of course –

Want your blog added to our list? then write a comment at the bottom and we will add it. There are a few caveats 1) it must be horse related and 2) it must be horse related! :)

If you are looking for more information on horses and how to take care of them, show them and learn wwith them/about them consider the following blogs:

Horse and Rider Training

Anna Jane Mullins Blog – For the Hunter Jumper crowd. Loads of information and tips on riding your  hunter and winning.

Training Concepts and Horsemanship  It’s a training concepts blog – things to think about about horsemanship. I’m going to check everyone’s out and I’d like to know if those who add theirs here do the same.

Equestrians Unlimited – Mind Tools and Mental Fitness for horseriders.

Core Connexxions – Using pilates to improve your riding. – Mostly from my paint gelding’s perspective regarding horse management and training. He cannot add anything today; he had to cart me around for a while and he’s napping now.

My wonderful horse whispering friend Franklin Levinson has 2 :)

My blog focuses on sport psychology for the equestrian…

Lauren Fraser • Hello! I’m a certified horse behavior consultant, and I teach horsemanship and offer foundation training.

For riding instructors and students and is at
I love to have visitors and if you sign up for my newsletter I’ll email you a copy of The French Cavalry Manual, the version used by the Cavalry School at Fort Riley. And my Mustang also has his own blog at

Jane Clothier • I’m still setting mine up:

Horse Care

Pro Equine Grooms – For inquiring minds and information about taking care of you equine friends.

Desert Equine Balance  – I try to keep my own nutrition blog factual and science-based – and apologize if sometimes I get a bit too intense.

I have one,, where I write about my horses, life, dressage, horsey things that fascinate and interest me. I also have a facebook page

 Horse Business

Horse Sense and Cents – “If you’re looking for an exciting, revealing, honest and inspiring place to find fresh perspectives, equine training and business success tips and stories of lessons learned, you’ve found it!”

Keeping Tabz Organizer – Pet Organizer CEO Complete Equine Organize

I write about what I know, or what I want to learn more about- and hopefully help other equestrians along the way. It’s a legal blog, but I do my best to keep it straightforward, personal, amusing, and easy to understand!

For Funding partners, grants but mostly research

Andy Breland • Mine is make sure not to use www it won’t pull up if you do.

Horse News

Chronicle of the HOrse – For upto date equestrian news from around the world.

Jump Into Danger -for real life horse pursuits and links to horse related fiction

Horse and Man . com

My mustang, Cody, has his own blog. He loves company. And peppermints. _ sounds like a fun one to visit.

Dreams Aloud Here – equine book/dvd reviews, excerpts and author interviews in keeping with the passions to be found at Horses Know the Way Home. – blogging from a horses point of view
A moving ‘Wobblers’ story with a happy ending…

Elise Rothman d’Hauthuille • I believe there are currently only four papers on this topic (cancer & EAT) Thanks.

I write a blog for Classic Equine Equipment on a variety of topics from horse health to barn management to the Olympics. Check it out at

Claudia Swisher • If you would like to go to my blog at I have some interesting articles and excerpts from the book I am working on,Thanks


We, The National Chincoteague Pony Association,, are
being considered for the movie, The Horse Power Movie.
Barbara Ellin Fox • Well this is really fun. It puts me in touch with so many new blogs to explore. I have several. One is about the history of horsemanship in the United States

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  1. Wow, some great Blogs listed here! Thanks for doing this, Laura! Mine is Dreams Aloud Here – equine book/dvd reviews, excerpts and author interviews in keeping with the passions to be found at Horses Know the Way Home.

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you Carol. Your blog has been added and thanks! We have been trying to grow our list and promote this site as a horse related ‘go-to’. There are so many great blogs and promotions. Finding your own community and sift your way through the blogs is important. Thanks for letting us put your blog here.

  3. Corinna says:

    Super! Found you from the linked in group! Would love to have my blog added- equine law for equestrians, barn owners, trainers, and more! Full of relevant and interesting information that we riders need to know :) thanks

  4. Laura says:

    Thanks Ribbonsandredtape. Will do. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. James says:


    Can I post some of these Blogs to the Horse Community at vorts? There is a link directly back to your site.



  6. Lauren says:

    Thanks for this blog list. It’s enjoyable and beneficial for all of us. Sometimes a few words is all it takes to turn someone from a wannabe into a gonnabe. And sometimes someone else says it a little differently and it clicks.

  7. Laura says:

    Thank you Lauren. Now lets do something great with all these wonderful blog links. Let’s use them and make a horse blog network and start commenting and sharing our links to improve our Search engine rankings. Backlinks are important and providing valuable information to our readers is valuable as well.

    Thanks Lauren. People like you will successfully promote and be seen by the readers and horse people who are looking for the valuable information you are providing.


  8. Thank You so much for the help you provided me about my riding and my horses form. It has come in very handy and we are already seeing improvement in just the switch of the bit. You are a amazing judge!!

  9. Laura says:

    Thank you Adrianna G.
    It was great to get to know you. The photos you provided showed me exactly how to help you. Solving horse’s jumping form from a photograph is difficult but can be done with a decent photo and people who are willing to try to do ‘different’ things. I am so happy your horse is improving his form over his fences and you are tackling your equitation corrections.
    I would be interested in seeing before-after photos. I bet the readers here will also be interested!

    Thank you!

  10. Hi there…I have a blog at that mostly focuses on my endeavors of training and preparing my own horses for showing, but I also occasionally throw something random in such as a photo tip or turning your horse into a poodle. I hope that readers learn something by visiting!

  11. Laura says:

    Jamie…. Love your email address!
    Thank you for posting your website address. All the folks who read this blog would love to get some great ideas and inspiration from your endeavors with training your horses.
    i agree, having random photo tips is fun BUT turning it into a POODLE? W H A? Maybe your should explain that a bit more or send us a link so we get caught up on things!! :) Sounds interesting though…. I think?


  12. zerin says:

    The Equestrian Center at Andrews Osborne Academy is a leader among equestrian boarding schools in the country equestrian boarding in horses,

  13. zerin says:

    Horse trainers, work with horses to prep them for riders, races and horse shows. Horse trainers are required to have expert riding skills and knowledge of horse management.

  14. Laura says:

    Thank you for the information regarding the Equestrian center at Andrews Osborne Academy. what kind of equestrian activities do you do there?

  15. It’s great to find a horse network where there are so many fantastic posts. My blog started like many others about my love for my horses. Now it’s full of news, reviews, fun facts and anything else I’d like to share with my friends. I’ve been made a finalist for Equestrian Blogger of the 2015 which is very exciting. You’ll find me here

  16. Hello horse pals, I’m happy to find these blogs. My horse blog is about the healing touch of my horse Mara B. She has been a great companion to me since the death of our youngest son Benjamin. My blog is about sharing her and my daily horse time with others. You’ll find us at and we would love to have you “ride along” for some daily horse time. Thank you, Helen

  17. Lauren Ridge Stables™ is the name of a new horse series for ages 8 and up, a Christian family saga written and illustrated by L. L. Christenson. Lauren Ridge Stables is a fictional ranch set in the fictitious town of Whisper, that is nestled in the valley of the blufflands of southeastern Minnesota. The series has a planned launch in early 2018. Lauren Ridge Stables is a series about Horses + Family Saga + Suspense™.

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