TR Skill Builder

Thistle Ridge Stables Skill Builders Show Clinic Series–
June 6th, July 25th.


  • June 6th th (Saturday)- Thistle Ridge Stables – 613.623.5016
  • July 25th (Saturday) – Thistle Ridge Stables – 613.623.5016

Join us to develop and understand, “WHAT THE JUDGE IS LOOKING FOR“.

– Entry Form Thistle Ridge Skill Builders-2015

As an integral part of your equestrian development this show clinic will assist you, your students and your horses with their education.
A show setting and clinic atmosphere has proven to develop riders and horses into strong horseman/people and competitors to be reckoned with.

Illustrations from File:Equitation.djvu, see d...

Illustrations from File:Equitation.djvu, see details; see too File:Equitation_images.djvu where the same images are bundled into a single djvu file (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stay tuned for more information!

Skills Builders Show Clinics !

Entry form Here

Have you ever wondered why you placed the way you did?
How you could improve to get a better placing?

Then you should attend the Thistle Ridge Skill Builders.
Imagine being able to ask the Judge’s reasons why you placed!

 Get comments back directly from the judge.  The judge provides feedback, commentary and explanations to riders, coaches and spectators throughout the day. Think of it as Judging demystified. 


Riders- This division is meant for riders under 18 yrs. in their first or 2nd year of showing. They may cross enter into Walk-Trot classes. (May be combined with Sr. Riders.)

1. Beginner Rider Jr. Equitation

2. Beginner Rider Jr. Equitation Over


3. Beginner Pleasure



Riders – This division is meant for riders in 18 yrs and older. May cross enter into Walk-Trot classes. (May be combined with Beginner Juniors.)

4. Beginner Sr.Equitation

5. Beginner Sr. Equitation Over poles

6. Beginner Sr. Pleasure

WALK – TROT DIVISION – Open to green horses and/or riders. May cross enter into walk – trot classes and Beginner Division.

7. Walk /Trot – Equitation

8. Walk/Trot Over poles

9. Walk/trot Pleasure


10. Road Hack

11. Pleasure Horse or Pony

12. Equitation – Walk/Trot/Canter

Dressage to follow in Ring 1

Approx. 1pm

 CROSS RAIL DIVISION – Open to green horses and/or riders. Not required to canter. Open to all riders including entries Classes 1 – 9.

13. Cross Rail Equitation

14. Cross Rail

15. Cross Rail Under Saddle –

Walk/trot only

 NOVICE DIVISION For novice riders and/or horses

16. Equitation Over Cross Rails

17. Hunter Over Fences (max. 2’)

18. Equitation – Walk/Trot/Canter



19. Hunter Equitation Over Fences

20. Hunter Over Fences

21. Hunter Under Saddle


22. Hunter Equitation Over Fences

23. Hunter Over Fences

24. Hunter Under Saddle



25. Hunter Equitation Over Fences

26. Hunter Over Fences

27. Hunter Under Saddle

 28. Open Card Judged Warm-Up (held all day) Open Card Judged Warm-up $10.00 per round.

29. Handy Hunter Derby – Riders to show over two rounds, in the height competed atduring the day. Scores for each round will be added together. The horse/rider combination with the highest score will determine the placings.

Please note that there will be a $10.00 cancellation/scratch fee.

Ribbons Awarded 1st to 4th Place

Entry Fees:

  • Beginner Division- $20.00 or $7.00 per class.
  • Other Divisions – $30.00 or $12.00 per class
  • Hunter Derby – $20

Deadline for Entries is Wednesday Before Show Clinics.  Late entries may be accepted if there is room. 

Deadline for Entries is Wednesday  Before Show Clinics

Entry Number

Entry form:


Rider’s Name:____________________              OEF #: ___________________

Horse’s Name:   __________________
Owner’s Name:_______________________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________  Postal Code: _______________

Telephone:                                                                           E-mail:

Class # or


Rider’s Name

Horse’s/Pony’s Name


JudgedWarm Up




Signature of Rider:                                                                                                                              Total Fees:

Signature of Parent/Guardian:

(if rider under the age of 18)

Signature of Owner:

It is hereby recognized that all equestrian sports and activities involve inherent risk and that no helmet or protective equipment can protect against all foreseeable injury.  I hereby accept this risk and hold harmless: I hereby accept this risk and hold harmless: Thistle Ridge Stables, Laura and Bob May and all its representatives, coaches, organizers, property owners, employees, volunteers and officials; from all responsibility and liability of claims of any kind which may arise from choosing to participate in this competition, including, but not limited to, bodily injury, or death of myself or my horses and damage to property arising from any cause whatsoever, including the negligence of one or more individuals and organizations referred to herein.


  • All riders must wear an Approved helmet with a fixed harness and acceptable footwear.  Any rider not having an Approved helmet and acceptable foot wear will not be permitted to ride.
  • All classes will be run in accordance with the EC 2012 rulebook.
  • Classes with insufficient entries may be combined or cancelled.
  • The show management has the right to refuse or accept any entries.
  • Horses may be lead in beginner classes.

Please note that there will be a $10.00 cancellation/scratch fee.

Due to popular demand we have made some additions to the Skill Builders Show Clinic. We have added a Beginner Rider division and split it into Senior (over 18) and Junior riders. There was a demand and we added three more classes for walk-trot riders to participate in.

We also added a new division – the Cross-Rail division. This will be a popular division and have opened it up to people who are participating in the walk-trot classes.

Now people who are taking part in walk/trot classes can go in the Beginner Rider division, the Walk-Trot division as well as the Cross – Rail division. This provides a development for horses and for riders that the Thistle Ridge Skill Builders series is trying to promote.

Thistle Ridge Stables Photos

Thank You for a Great Show Clinic





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