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Febuary 23rd. –
Why Use Essential Oils With Horses? – Introduction

I invite you to join us to investigate some powerful reasons why we should consider using essential oils with our horses.

Intro Equine Aromatherapy Session – Introduction and investigation

· History, How essential oils are made
· Therapeutic oils and how to use them
· How essential oils work with your horse
· Practical applications with your horse
· Top 10 ‘Must Have’ Oils for your stable
· Recipes Using Essential Oils

horse for saleHorses in a natural environment will pick out the herbs they need. Just like we have seen a dog or cat sniff around and nibble at grass and herbs, so do horses. Horses, in the wild, or left to their own devices, will pick out the herbs, grasses and weeds they need to maintain a healthy body. This powerful ability to search and consume necessary plants has been stripped away. The use of essential oils in the promotion of health and well being of horses is just an extension of their natural innate ability and is a progression of nature.

It is now up to us, as horse owners, to provide our horses with, the best, and most pure and fundamental essences to satisfy their requirements. No amount of chemical pharmaceuticals, balanced rations and best practices can replace the fundamental building blocks which occur in the basic foundation of an essential oil.

As a Certified Animal Aromatherapist, I have seen first hand how essential oils have a positive, powerful impact with horses.

Location – Laura’s House
3491 Hunt Line Road
RR1 Arnprior

Date: February 23rd 2014
Time: 2pm – 4pm

Please RSVP via facebook or email (

text/call 304 7013

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